castle_rock_water The right water can change everything.  That can be hard to believe because water is everywhere. It comes out of our taps, out of our shower heads, and we buy it in bottles. Water is just water… it’s as common as the air we breathe and we just don’t give it a second thought. When someone says that there’s a kind of water that’s different from other water, or water that can change lives, we tend to be more than a little skeptical. And rightfully so. Do some research though on living water versus dead water. Look into structured water that contains natural minerals and compare it against demineralized and filtered water. You’ll learn that there truly is a difference and that your body will benefit from drinking water that’s naturally sourced from Earth’s purest springs. Water that’s sucked out from underground aquifers or pumped out of rivers needs to be chemically altered and filtered before it’s ready to drink, and that process can be harmful to your health and to the planet. Living structured water is filled with naturally occurring minerals and is scientifically proven to be full of energy and life. Structured water directly affects how cells are nourished. Reverse osmosis and the treatment that tap water receives deplete those natural components and creates “dead” water because it removes water’s structure and thus its life-giving vitality. Structured water happens when the water is free to flow through nature, is naturally filtered, and is not manipulated or treated by people. Castle Rock Water is a prime example of structured water. Castle Rock is glacier-fed natural spring water that is never processed. The water source is sustainable and the glaciers, high atop Mt. Shasta, are growing.  On top of all of that, Castle Rock proudly has the IMO “For Life- Social Responsibility” certification, which means we treat our employees and the environment right while paying a fair price to the community that owns the springs. 
 Think about this: Castle Rock Water is the only bottled water company in the world that is fairly dealing with our natural resources. If every company that takes natural resources from the earth would pay fairly for them, our government could be paid for and we could have a country with much lower taxes.  Castle Rock Water is making a stand to show it’s possible and, as small as we are, we have already paid close to $500,000. The big four bottled water companies in the United States currently pay nothing. If they paid the same as we do, each would give 500 million dollars, for each bottling plant, to the local governments and bring taxes down substantially. That’s billions of dollars going unpaid.  Castle Rock Water is bottled water done right and we hope more companies follow our lead. It’s the right thing to do. Plus, Castle Rock Water is consistently named as one of the best tasting bottled waters in the world. It’s water that’s better for your body, and better for the planet.  Have you tried Castle Rock Water yet?
castle_rock_water_label We could all use a little revitalizing now and then. That’s especially true around the holiday season. Social norms have evolved from the days of low-stress relaxation and gratefulness to high-stress consumerism and expectations. There’s a wonderful article on that topic which says,
The themes of the season are the return of hope, abundance, and protection, the return of the light, and a reminder to return to our spirituality and personal transformation as well.
We hope that our friends across the country can find time to remember that this year. We all know, however, that despite our best intentions stress can take over. That’s why it’s so important to remember to revitalize your body and soul. Believe it or not, the right water is the first step. Despite what you might have been told, all water is not created equal. Water from the tap can actually die. Dead water can’t effectively revitalize a living body. There’s science behind that fact, and we have another blog post that goes into more details, but the bottom line is this:
Not all water hydrates cells and supports life functions equally. Living water can easily penetrate the cells and perform its functions. Dead water, on the other hand, must be reformed and revitalized by the body before it can do its job. Doctors and researchers have determined that drinking living water improves health and longevity but drinking dead water allows cells to dehydrate.
Castle Rock Water is living structured water. It’s “alive”because it is allowed to flow naturally through Mt. Shasta, picking up vital minerals along the way. The water is in a constant state of movement. It’s carefully bottled at the source and flows into each glass bottle unaltered. There is no extra purification process, no reverse osmosis, and no minerals added. When you drink Castle Rock Water, you are consuming live water that can rehydrate your cells and properly support life functions like no other water can. But Castle Rock Water doesn’t only revitalize your body. It also revitalizes your soul. A recent comment on our Facebook page said, “It’s so good because it feels like you’re drinking liquid light.” That’s so true because not only is Castle Rock Water living structured water, it’s also high-frequency water. Since it comes straight from nature, with no artificial ingredients or extra filtration, it retains its natural vibration and is in rhythm with the light that makes all life possible.  That’s just the kind of revitalization that our bodies, and souls, need to thrive. Have you tried Castle Rock Water yet?   
  Have you ever thought about how the water you drink gets filtered? Think about your tap water for a moment. The water that comes out of your home faucet, if you’re on a municipal water system, came from an aquifer, river, lake, or some kind of reservoir. That water supply is often open to all kinds of contaminates, both biological and man-made. Cities go to great lengths to filter the water before it gets to you, but that process can take a real toll on the quality of water that you drink. Here’s a brief example of how one city’s process works, according to the Edmonton Journal.
In most cases, utilities place their intake pipes at deep parts of the river, so as to avoid drawing in oil and other debris floating on the surface. Sometimes this raw water is temporarily held in settling ponds to let some of the solids drop out, or else it is pumped directly to the treatment plant. Typically, a coagulant such as alum is added at this stage and the water is mixed, creating clumps of particles in a process called flocculation. These clumps or “floc” are then allowed to settle to the bottom of a clarifying basin, after which the sludge is removed. The water is then filtered. Many municipalities now use synthetic membrane filters, which are composed of thousands of tightly knit polymer strands.
Wow. So the water is taken from potentially polluted rivers, moved to sit stagnate in a pond, gets additives to coagulate all the junk, has sludge removed, then goes through a filtration process. True, the resulting water is drinkable, but at what cost? Water that is treated extensively and allowed to sit stagnate loses its energy, its vitality, and its structure. The water essentially dies and all beneficial minerals are lost. Tap water in most municipalities is not unhealthy, but it’s not going to provide the benefits that nature intended either. Castle Rock Water, on the other hand, is pure living structured water. The water is never touched by humans, it’s not artificially filtered or modified, and it never sits stagnant. Nothing is ever added. Castle Rock Water starts as glacier melt on the top of the mountain and is filled with oxygen isotopes. It spends the next 100-10,000 years percolating through the mountain, which acts as one of the largest water filters in the world. This ancient water flows through lave tubes, streams, moves over precious metals and stones, and twists and turns down the banks of Mt. Shasta. The water becomes energized on its journey. It actually gains energy. Because it’s constantly moving and naturally filtered as it flows, it gains structure and is infused with many beneficial minerals from the material deep inside the mountain. The body uses these minerals to stay properly hydrated. Water that has a living structure is better for the vitality of humans and promotes a well-being that tap water can’t match. Read the description again of how tap water is filtered then decide: Which water would you rather have in your body?  
  There are three categories of bottled water companies: Category 1. Big corporations that get their water from municipal tap sources for free, truck it to a central processing facility, then purify it and mix it with additives before bottling it. (This is most of the bottled water on store shelves.) Category 2. Companies that bottle at the source, but don’t pay their community for the water. (There are a few out there.) Category 3. Companies that bottle living water at the source while paying their community a fair sum for the natural resource. (Only one company in the U.S. falls into this category.) If we had our way, the first category would fade away and the third category would become the new normal. Castle Rock Water is the only Category 3 bottled water company in the United States and pays a good price for the water. This benefits the community because the money can be used for programs to improve the area and make the lives of its residents a little better. There’s another immediate benefit to buying Castle Rock Water too. Water from Category 1 companies is “dead.” How can water be dead? In some situations water is full of energy. Sometimes it is sluggish and exhausted and in some conditions it actually dies. Charlie Ryrie, author of The Healing Energies of Water, said,
To an untrained eye dead water still looks like water. So we expect it to do the same job as healthy energetic water.
Not all water hydrates cells and supports life functions equally. Living water can easily penetrate the cells and perform its functions. Dead water, on the other hand, must be reformed and revitalized by the body before it can do its job. Doctors and researchers have determined that drinking living water improves health and longevity but drinking dead water allows cells to dehydrate. Water dies when it’s exposed to the Category 1 process. Its living nutrients and minerals are taken away and its natural state is altered by the time it comes out of the tap. The water loses its vitality and its life-giving force. Category 3 water is living water. Castle Rock Water lives and flows through Mt. Shasta, picking up vital minerals along the way. The water flows naturally through streams and is in a constant state of movement. It’s carefully bottled at the source and flows into each glass bottle unaltered. There is no extra purification process, no reverse osmosis, and no minerals added. When you drink Castle Rock Water, you are consuming live water that can rehydrate your cells and properly support life functions like no other water can. We hope that one day all bottled water will fall into Category 3. For now, though, it’s just us. It’s not the easiest way to do business, but is the right way. Will you join us?
water_body About 60 percent of the adult human body is composed of water. That’s a stat everyone has heard so many times it has probably lost its meaning. Think about it though. As solid as your body seems, much more than half of it is actually liquid. We are held together by bone, fat, muscle, and skin, but even those tissues are composed of water. I don’t think we need to go into an entire biology lesson here to get the point across that water is important. When we drink enough water, our skin is clearer, our brains function better, and our bodies can perform tasks better. But how much water does the average human need to drink to stay healthy? Traditional wisdom says eight glasses per day… but it turns out the quality of water might be more important than how much of it you drink. There’s a general consensus that people should get about 2.5 liters of water per day. Of course, those requirements can shift dramatically depending on your body size, if you’re an athlete, if you suffer from an illness, or just feel like your body needs more. Some of the water we consume comes from the foods we eat and the rest comes from drinking it. While there’s no formal recommendation, it’s a good idea to drink water throughout the day to avoid feeling thirsty. One of the best things you can do for your body is to drink pure water that’s straight from the earth. You may assume ALL water is straight from the earth, and it is, but most bottled waters and tap water has been altered in some way. Some add chemicals, some add minerals, and some even add flavors. I have a friend who brings a glass of Castle Rock Water with her to work everyday, and then refills the bottle with purified water throughout the day. She prefers Castle Rock because it’s the cleanest, freshest, best tasting water she’s ever had. It’s one of the few waters in the world that is never touched by human hands, not modified at all, and carries its living structure from the glaciers of Mt. Shasta to the glass in which it’s bottled. Drinking enough water is essential to life, but choosing the correct water is essential to get the most out of living. How much water do you drink every day?  
mount_shasta_high_frequency_water This is printed on every label of Castle Rock Water. It’s not just water, it’s high frequency water. “Castle Rock Water is a gift born from the pristine springs of Mount Shasta’s growing glacier. Revered by pilgrims, poets, and indigenous Native Americans for centuries, Mount Shasta is internationally recognized as a sacred energy vortex and draws crowds of people each year to experience the “vibrational energy” associated with this alpine area and its legendary water. This naturally filtered spring water undergoes a winding journey lasting up to 100 years as it slowly percolates through miles of layered rock, flows through a network of lava tubes, and finally exits the mountain in energetic streams. Here it is carefully collected and bottled in environmentally friendly glass. The result is a refreshing and revitalizing whole water of exceptional purity and taste, infused with a spectrum of naturally occurring minerals. Unlike tap-sourced battled water or static ground water which is often distilled or processed, Castle Rock Water completes a natural purification cycle. From ocean to rain, glacier to glass, it remains uncompromised- sustainable living water for your healthy lifestyle.” That’s high frequency water.
  It takes almost a century for the pure glacier water of California’s Mount Shasta to complete its unique filtration cycle unmatched anywhere on Earth. As water evaporates into clouds over the Pacific Ocean, it is carried by winds over the high peaks of Shasta’s “white mountain” where it condenses into liquid rain and snow. Mount Shasta is home to some of the planet’s last growing glaciers and scientific surveys confirmed that seven have been expanding along the slopes here for the last 50 years. Shasta’s icepack expands at night in the cold alpine air and during the day melts and percolates through miles of layered rock in the heart of the mountain. Naturally filtered along its winding journey, this purified water simultaneously gathers a spectrum of minerals and other valuable trace elements before flowing through a network of ancient lava tubes and tunnels. Here it tumbles forth in energetic streams at the base of the slopes where it is collected and transported directly to the nearby bottling plant in Dunsmuir, then made available to you. We hope you enjoy our living structured water and all of its health benefits.
  glass_bottle_water_castle_rock Water is just water, right? Wherever it is found, a water molecule is just one oxygen and two hydrogen atoms that are connected by covalent bonds. Water runs through rivers, fills our oceans, collects in lakes, and pours out of our taps with a simple turn of the faucet. Water is everywhere and, for that reason, we don’t give it much of a second thought. We drink it when we’re thirsty and bathe in it when we’re dirty. Since water plays such a vital role in life, we should probably give it more attention than we do. So many of us though, especially in the United States, simply think of water as the free stuff we drink in restaurants before our soda arrives. This is why it might sound funny to so many Americans to say that the kind of water we drink can have a profound effect on our lives. Continue reading >>>


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