Castle Rock

Castle Rock Spring Water is a pure and natural source of water, filtered through miles of layered granite, gem-infused rock, and volcanic lava tubes. Drinking this water can help to improve hydration, support digestion, boost immunity, and provide essential minerals to the body.

Reasons you should drink our water​

The Source of our Water

Our water is sourced from Mount Shasta, one of the continent’s highest peaks at 14,162 feet.

Natural Filtration

It takes at least 100 years for the water to filter through layers of granite, gem infused rock, gold, and green jade.

No Artificial Nutrients

Our water contains naturally occurring minerals and trace elements; no added artificial nutrients.

Never Touched

From glacier to glass, our water goes completely untouched by human hands to ensure a quality product.

Balanced pH Water

Our water is naturally alkaline and has a clean, crisp and refreshing taste.

Naturally Structured

Our water, unlike our competitors, contains naturally structured living water, the way nature intended it to be.

Eco-Friendly Containers

We bottle our water in recycled glass bottles to protect the environment and ensure the best quality and taste.

Guaranteed Quality

We are FDA, California Spring Water, Kosher, and Fair for Life certified and approved.

Socially Responsible

Lastly, we pay a fair price for our water and donate back to stimulate our local community.

Our Commitment to you

Crystal Clear Natural Water

Conscious Packaging

Just like the crystal clear water bottled from the springs of mount shasta at the turn of the 19th century, the castle rock water company remains committed in offering the same sourced water today in environmentally- friendly glass packaging. This award-winning premium spring water attracts thousands of tourists visiting the mt. Shasta region.

Sustainable Growing Glaciers

In 2002, scientists conducted a detailed survey of mt. Shasta’s glaciers, examining their growth over the period 1951 to 2002. They discovered that two of the glaciers nearly doubled during this time period, another increased by 50% and two more increased by 33%. One of the expanding glaciers, named whitney glacier, is situated on shasta’s northwest face and measures 2 miles long and 126 feet deep. It is the longest and the only valley glacier in california.