Mount Shasta

Crowned with eternal snow, mt. Shasta soars to an altitude of 14,162 feet, making it fifth highest elevation of any peak in the continental usa. The surrounding landscape is blessed with miles of primeval forests, pristine rivers, and cascading waterfalls.

Who owns
our Water?

Most people are actually quite shocked to find out that we don’t own the springs water on Shasta Mountain. It is actually a joint project between the community, the city of Dunsmuir and a nonprofit religious association who own the land where the springs sit on.

The Building our plant is in used to be a run down building that sat empty for around 15 years. While owned by the city, we fixed it and made it into a modern FDA approved bottling plant and we are currently renting the building from the city.

FDA-Approved Bottling Plant

Natural Filtration
of the water

Our Products

Castle Rock is dedicated to maintaining the utmost quality of the crystal-clear water while also prioritizing eco-friendliness. Our extensive product line ranges from 1-litre bottles to 5-gallon jugs, ensuring that our customers have access to the perfect size for their needs. You can trust Castle Rock for refreshing, sustainably-sourced water every time.