A Century From Glacier to Glass


It takes almost a century for the pure glacier water of California’s Mount Shasta to complete its unique filtration cycle unmatched anywhere on Earth.

As water evaporates into clouds over the Pacific Ocean, it is carried by winds over the high peaks of Shasta’s “white mountain” where it condenses into liquid rain and snow.

Mount Shasta is home to some of the planet’s last growing glaciers and scientific surveys confirmed that seven have been expanding along the slopes here for the last 50 years. Shasta’s icepack expands at night in the cold alpine air and during the day melts and percolates through miles of layered rock in the heart of the mountain.

Naturally filtered along its winding journey, this purified water simultaneously gathers a spectrum of minerals and other valuable trace elements before flowing through a network of ancient lava tubes and tunnels.

Here it tumbles forth in energetic streams at the base of the slopes where it is collected and transported directly to the nearby bottling plant in Dunsmuir, then made available to you.

We hope you enjoy our living structured water and all of its health benefits.

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