Mount Shasta - California

The Purest Water From The Springs Of Mount Shasta - California

Our Story

From Glacier to Glass..

Born from the pristine springs of Mount Shasta’s glacier, Castle Rock Water Company provides the purest and most natural form of Water as Nature intended. Sourced in
Dunsmuir California, this naturally filtered spring water undergoes a long journey slowly percolating through miles of layered granite, gem infused rock and volcanic lava tubes finally exiting the mountain in energetic streams.

Then, it is carefully collected and bottled in environmentally friendly glass. The result is a refreshing whole water of exceptional quality and taste. From glacier to glass, it remains uncompromised – sustainable living water for your healthy lifestyle.

Our Commitment

Crystal Clear Natural Water

To ensure that the quality of crystal clear water is never compromised. we remain committed in offering eco-friendly bottled water.

As water reserves continue to diminish in many parts of the world, Mount Shasta is blessed with a renewable supply of water.

Castle Rock Water Company is helping to revitalize the local economy of Dunsmuir, California.

Our Products

Castle Rock is dedicated to maintaining the utmost quality of the crystal-clear water while also prioritizing eco-friendliness. Our extensive product line ranges from 1-litre bottles to 5-gallon jugs, ensuring that our customers have access to the perfect size for their needs. You can trust Castle Rock for refreshing, sustainably-sourced water every time.
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The Legendary Shasta Springs

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Castle Rock Water Company supplies the best water that I have ever tasted. It is so fresh and consists of live water.​
This water is so crisp and clean. Not only did the 3 gallon glass jugs I purchased come quickly, but it was very easy to install as well.
Best water I’ve tasted. Found your product on the bottom shelf at my local organic farm today.. I’m in love! Had to find you and order a case!!