Bottled Water: Just Filtered Tap Water?

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There’s a story making the rounds on social media that one popular brand of bottled water is actually just tap water.

People are naturally upset and feel duped by the big companies that sell bottled water. The truth is that yes, most bottled water comes from the same sources that city tap water uses. The difference is that the companies ship the water via truck to a processing plant where it’s filtered, has minerals added, and then gets bottled.

So yes, it’s tap water, but it’s filtered and changed.

But it’s not a healthy process for a number of reasons.

The corporations don’t pay anywhere near a fair price for the water they extract, which leaves communities with less water and nothing to show for it.

Tap water that gets stored and manipulated loses its ability to properly hydrate. We’ve written about that before, and you’re welcome to read up on the details here.

Castle Rock Water is bottled water done differently.

We pay a fair price back to the community where the water is sourced. We are the only bottled water company in the world to do so.

Our water comes directly from the springs of Mt. Shasta and is never touched or changed by humans. The water is constantly recognized as some of the best-tasting water in the world; all without chemical adjustments or additional filtering. Our water is living structured water that is highly beneficial to the human body.

Ultimately, we want to encourage other companies to follow us. If we could look back in five years and feel like we had an influence on other brands to bottle water like we do, we couldn’t be happier.

Next time you hear someone say that all bottled water is just tap water in a bottle, please send them our way and let them know that Castle Rock does it right.




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