Why Water from Mt. Shasta?


Rising in angelic white slopes at the southern end of the Cascade Range, Mt. Shasta fascinated Native Americans, poets, spiritual seekers, and adventurous travelers for centuries.

Crowned with eternal snow, Mt. Shasta soars to an altitude of 14,179 feet, making it the second highest elevation of any peak in the Cascades. The surrounding landscape is blessed with primeval forests, pristine rivers and cascading waterfalls.

Naturalist and author John Muir once said, “When I first caught sight of it over the braided folds of the Sacramento Valley, I was 50 miles away and afoot, alone, and weary. Yet my blood turned to wine, and I have not been weary since.”

Archeologists have trace human habitation in the area extending 7,000 years. Various Native American tribes have lived within view of Mt. Shasta and revered its mesmerizing beauty. By 1820 Mt. Shasta had become a prominent stop on the Siskiyou Trail, an ancient  trade route between California’s Central Valley and the Pacific Northwest. That trail is now Interstate 5, and visitors are still welcome.

Mt. Shasta is the source of many spiritual legends and is undeniably magical to this day, as any visitor will attest.

The water that flows through the mountain is equally magical and pure, with a vibration that echoes the beauty and magic of nature. People who value health, hydration, cleanliness, social responsibility, and eco-friendly practices love water from Mt. Shasta’s springs. Castle Rock Water is honored to share this water with you, just as nature intended.

Have you tried Castle Rock Water’s pure Mt. Shasta water?

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