CRW mt shasta pic   There’s a lot of bottled water in this country. In fact, bottled water is set to overtake soda as America’s top-selling packaged beverage. That’s great for the health of our people, but it opens it up a lot of questions about water, its packaging, how it’s obtained, where it’s sourced, what country it comes from, and the companies that sell it. One of the largest items of contention in the bottled water industry is the fact that water is available, at little to no cost, from the tap of nearly every home and building in America. Why should people pay for water in a bottle? We’ll answer that question here and compare municipal water to spring water. Over the next few blogs in this series, we’ll also talk about large corporate bottlers versus small family owned bottlers, imported water, the social and environmental responsibilities of water bottlers, how Castle Rock Water stands out in the mass of bottlers, and, of course, we’ll tie it all together with the importance of American-sourced water. First though, let’s look at how city water is obtained, treated, and stored before it comes out of your kitchen faucet. (more…)


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