castle_rock_water The right water can change everything.  That can be hard to believe because water is everywhere. It comes out of our taps, out of our shower heads, and we buy it in bottles. Water is just water… it’s as common as the air we breathe and we just don’t give it a second thought. When someone says that there’s a kind of water that’s different from other water, or water that can change lives, we tend to be more than a little skeptical. And rightfully so. Do some research though on living water versus dead water. Look into structured water that contains natural minerals and compare it against demineralized and filtered water. You’ll learn that there truly is a difference and that your body will benefit from drinking water that’s naturally sourced from Earth’s purest springs. Water that’s sucked out from underground aquifers or pumped out of rivers needs to be chemically altered and filtered before it’s ready to drink, and that process can be harmful to your health and to the planet. Living structured water is filled with naturally occurring minerals and is scientifically proven to be full of energy and life. Structured water directly affects how cells are nourished. Reverse osmosis and the treatment that tap water receives deplete those natural components and creates “dead” water because it removes water’s structure and thus its life-giving vitality. Structured water happens when the water is free to flow through nature, is naturally filtered, and is not manipulated or treated by people. Castle Rock Water is a prime example of structured water. Castle Rock is glacier-fed natural spring water that is never processed. The water source is sustainable and the glaciers, high atop Mt. Shasta, are growing.  On top of all of that, Castle Rock proudly has the IMO “For Life- Social Responsibility” certification, which means we treat our employees and the environment right while paying a fair price to the community that owns the springs. 
 Think about this: Castle Rock Water is the only bottled water company in the world that is fairly dealing with our natural resources. If every company that takes natural resources from the earth would pay fairly for them, our government could be paid for and we could have a country with much lower taxes.  Castle Rock Water is making a stand to show it’s possible and, as small as we are, we have already paid close to $500,000. The big four bottled water companies in the United States currently pay nothing. If they paid the same as we do, each would give 500 million dollars, for each bottling plant, to the local governments and bring taxes down substantially. That’s billions of dollars going unpaid.  Castle Rock Water is bottled water done right and we hope more companies follow our lead. It’s the right thing to do. Plus, Castle Rock Water is consistently named as one of the best tasting bottled waters in the world. It’s water that’s better for your body, and better for the planet.  Have you tried Castle Rock Water yet?
  Castle Rock Water home delivery Wherever your adventures might take you, it’s always a good idea to have fresh pure drinking water to keep you hydrated and happy. We’ll deliver pure living structured water from the springs of Mt. Shasta to your home, for less than you might think. You and your family can always enjoy fresh drinking water while hydrating the way nature intended, without any added chemicals, only natural minerals and electrolytes. Taste the water that’s been voted the best-tasting bottled water in the world! Inquire now for special rates in your area.

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CRW-best water There’s a giant misconception that imported bottled water is far superior to U.S.-sourced bottled water.  Why is that? Imported water comes from places such as Fiji, Germany, Italy, and Norway.  Why, though, does it make sense to bottle water and ship it around the world? Imported bottled water accounts for about $130 million in sales in the United States. That’s tens of millions of bottles that are put on container ships and sent across oceans so U.S. consumers can make the purchase and send their money back the country where the water originated. Consumers continue to do this because they’ve found that imported brands taste better than the filtered tap water found in America. The truth, though, is that consumers don’t have to look across any oceans to find one of the best-tasting bottled waters in the entire world. Water connoisseurs in the United States are starting to learn that supporting the import of artisan water just doesn’t make a lot of sense because there’s a better-tasting domestic water that is popular among pro athletes, celebrities, and health-conscious people across the country. Every year, Castle Rock Water competes in the Berkeley Springs International Water Tasting Competition. Bottled water companies from around the world compete for the title of Best Tasting Water in the World. Castle Rock Water won the gold medal in 2014, silver in 2015, and was also named the best tasting sparkling water in all of North America last year. Why does Castle Rock Water taste so good? That’s a long story that begins at the top of Mt. Shasta where water collects in glaciers. Meltwater from the glaciers flows into cracks and ancient lave tubes in the mountain, where it spends the next 100-10,000 years slowly filtering through the mountain. Along its journey the water picks up vital nutrients and minerals. The water moves constantly during that time and never sits stagnant. When it finally exits the mountain in energetic streams, the water is charged with vitality and living structure. It’s also exceptionally clean and pure. Castle Rock Water has a gravity-fed bottling facility that collects this raw, pure water and bottles it in glass. It’s never touched by humans and never altered from its original form. The water you drink from Castle Rock Water’s glass bottles is the very same water that you’d drink from the pure streams on Mt. Shasta. With the best-tasting water in world right here in your own backyard, why look anywhere else?
Shasta_american The vast majority of bottled water in this country is bottled and sold by just three major companies. Bottled water is a $12 billion industry. Americans go through about 10 billion gallons of bottled water per year, or about 32 gallons per person. Let’s think about the most important numbers there.  Bottled water is a $12 billion industry in the United States. And it’s dominated by just three companies.  Where does that money go? Does it go into community programs and water conservation efforts? Does it go to helping people have access to clean drinking water? Does it help fund programs to improve towns and cities? Does some of it get put aside to purchase rights to bottle water from the source?  No. The money goes into the pockets of company executives. But not all bottled water companies are like that. There are family owned small bottlers in this country that are working to change the industry.  Castle Rock Water is known for being one of the best tasting waters in the entire world. It consistently places in the top one or two at international water tasting competitions and is legendary for being the only high-frequency living structured water on the market today.  What isn’t talked about as much is how different the company is from the large corporate entities that sell water strictly for profit.  Castle Rock Water is a small family owned business, but it’s the only water bottler in the country that pays a fair price for every gallon of water it bottles. That money goes straight back to the community that owns the springs from which this legendary water originates. Imagine if the large corporate bottlers paid for their water too. Tens of millions of dollars would go back to local communities. Taxes could be lower. Quality of life could be exponentially better. Still, the corporate bottlers refuse to pay a fair price and communities suffer as a result.  Most large companies acquire their water from city tap sources, then filter it and add chemicals and minerals to improve the taste. Castle Rock Water is straight from the earth and as pure as nature intended. It’s naturally filtered and infused with natural minerals and electrolytes that help your body hydrate in ways other waters can’t. Some large corporations even import water from other countries to sell here and market as exotic brands. Castle Rock Water is an American-sourced natural spring water that easily beats them all on taste.  To top it all off, Castle Rock Water is the only water bottler to earn the “For Life- Social Responsibility” certification, which tells our customers that they can feel good about making a purchase because their money goes back into the communities that make this water possible.  You won’t find that from a corporate brand anywhere else on Earth. 
mt-shasta_castle_rock_water Nearly two million people in California have been exposed to uranium in their drinking water. That’s a scary sentence. Uranium, of course, is found naturally in the earth but it’s also a radioactive material that can be refined into exceptionally dangerous weapons of war. The Associated Press said,
Uranium, the stuff of nuclear fuel for power plants and atom bombs, increasingly is showing in drinking water systems in major farming regions of the U.S. West — a naturally occurring but unexpected byproduct of irrigation, of drought, and of the overpumping of natural underground water reserves.
This issue brings up a couple of very important points. People assume that tap water is just as clean as bottled water. Sometimes it is, but you never know what kind of chemicals, man-made or natural, you are putting into your body when you drink it. Chemicals are added for taste, to kill bacteria, and are leeched in from toxic household waste. Uranium is especially scary because it’s not filtered out by standard filtration processes. We want to reassure our customers that there are no traces of uranium in Castle Rock Water. We post the results of water testing on our website and those reports are free for the public to view. Castle Rock Water is infused with many naturally occurring minerals that our bodies need to be healthy. The water is never touched by humans and reaches you in the same pure state as when it flows from Mt. Shasta in energetic streams. Our water is some of the purest, best-tasting, and safest water on Earth. We hope you’ll try it!


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