Is Naturally Occurring Fluoride in Water Safe to Drink? Yes!

There is a lot of talk about fluoride in our drinking water. The American Dental Association has been endorsing fluoridated water as an aid against tooth decay for over 60 years. Fluoridating drinking water is common practice in the U.S. Overwhelming research (including the work of Dr. Mercola), however, points to numerous health hazards. Because of this, hundreds of cities in the U.S. have stopped fluoridating their drinking water. According to Dr. Mercola, Canada has dropped from about 60 percent of the population drinking fluoridated water down to about 32-33 percent.

What many folks don’t realize is that the fluoride that gets put into our municipal water is Hydrofluorosilicic acid or sodium fluoride, an industrial waste product created from the production of fluoride-based pesticides.

Fluoride does occur naturally in many fresh foods and even spring water. There is a big difference, however, between this and fluoridated water. According to Dr. Mercola, “Naturally occurring fluoride in hard water areas often has a calcium fluoride. Calcium and fluoride bond very well and, as a result, are not absorbed well by your body. Hydrofluorosilicic acid, on the other hand, dissolves easier and is absorbed by your body at a greater rate. Natural calcium fluoride is about 1,000 times less toxic than hydrofluorosilicic acid or sodium fluoride, and this is because your body can’t absorb nearly as much. (Note: Sodium fluoride is pharmaceutical grade fluoride, which is used in most studies, but NOT the kind added to water supplies.)”

According to Dr. Mercola, China does NOT allow water fluoridation because it’s too toxic and causes damage per their research. Instead, the waste product from their phosphate fertilizer industry is shipped to the United States, where we add it to our water supply! Perhaps it’s time to stop this practice!

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