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Water acidity is governed by what is referred to as pH. pH stands for “potential hydrogen.” When it comes to pH and water, the maxim seems to dictate to keep the levels as balanced as possible. When water has a low pH, it is often referred to as “soft water.” Soft water is more acidic, therefore, it can be corrosive and harmful to any metals it comes into contact with. When the water corrodes the metal, this corrosion can then seep into the water. Another problem with soft water; it can cause stains in any clothing that is washed in it.
When water has high levels of pH, it is considered to be “hard water.” Hard water isn’t necessarily harmful to us. However, it is known to make water have a bad taste and it causes lime scale to build up on plumbing fixtures and pipes. Hard water can also create a scum like appearance on clothing and dish ware. If you wash your hair in hard water, it can make your hair look dull. Having hard water can become quite costly, because of potential repair bills. While pH levels may not adversely affect your health, it can certainly cause some problems.

Benefits of our water….Castle Rock Water comes directly from the springs of Mount Shasta to form a high energy naturally structured live water with a pH of 7.55, so our water can actually hydrate you and give you more energy than that of other water companies who ruin the quality of their water through the process of packaging and transferring their water.

Treating the pH Levels in Drinking Water

Drinking water which is perfectly balanced, pH wise, is rather difficult to find. Usually, the source of where the drinking water is obtained has pH levels either too high or too low. To balance the pH, in drinking water, a neutralizer can be used. A neutralizer puts a chemical solution into the water. The solution helps to prevent the water from reacting with any metals it comes into contact with. This will prevent the metal from being corroded and contaminating the water.

The chemical solution does come with a price. The neutralizer solution causes an increase in sodium levels in the water. Raised sodium levels in the water, can be a problem unto itself. Most people who have either hard or soft water use bottled water for drinking and cooking. They may also boil the water before drinking or cooking with it.

The best solution for hard or soft water is home water filtration systems. To get the water perfect, it may require the water go through several different systems; each providing a different filtration. The most elementary method of purifying water is boiling it. Unfortunately, boiling water does not aid in balancing the pH levels.

Hard water can be responsible for destroying appliances that use water. Appliances which are susceptible to hard water damage include: Coffee pots, dishwashers, and washing machines. When a home has hard water, the solution is to turn the hard water into soft water. Generally, to accomplish this, a lime solution is used. The filtration systems are able to manage the balance of the pH in the water, so the home owner has the best of both worlds.

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