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California water named the best in the world at the 24th Annual Berkeley Spring International Water Tasting Competition. The water produced by the Castle Rock Water Company comes from some of the rarest glaciers in the world atop Mt. Shasta at Dunsmuir, California.

Castle Rock Water won over 32 other entries for the title of the world’s best bottled water. Two waters were tied for the silver medal: water from Crete, Greece and Eldorado, Colorado. Bronze went to a Maryland bottler.

The competition is the largest and oldest in the world and is in its 24th year. Ten media judges spent hours tasting and selecting water from 13 countries. The best sparkling water in the world as well as the best tap water in the world both hailed from Canada.

Castle Rock Water, is sourced from the seven glaciers atop legendary Mount Shasta and is being bottled in vintage eco-friendly glass as it was originally in 1889 when Mt. Shasta Spring Water Company first introduced it to the nation at the turn of the century. Water from Mt. Shasta was once served in New York’s most fashionable hotels like the Waldorf Astoria.
Daily passenger trains carrying thousands of people between Seattle and Los Angeles used to make brief stops at the base of Mt. Shasta so people could sip its famous water.

Thomas Greither a noted environmentalist, President of Castle Rock Water Company, says, “We’re renewing a tradition that began nearly 125 years ago from the source of the water to the use of glass bottles. We decided to bypass single-use plastic bottles in favor of glass, which is better for the environment. Glass bottles are more readily reusable and recyclable, and better for the person drinking the water since glass doesn’t infuse the water with anything unwanted. And our bottles contain more than 50% recycled glass.” Castle Rock is a family owned; community based joint venture with the City of Dunsmuir.

Glass versus Plastic

“Castle Rock Water Company is the only North American company to offer water in a single use glass bottle from a significantly growing glacier,” according to Mr. Greither. The water comes from two caves deep in the mountain and is certified spring water by the FDA and the State of California. He notes virtually all the water bottled in America is sold in plastic bottles and much of it comes from municipal taps.

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