American Sourced, Part 5: Responsibilities of Water Bottlers


We are not inheriting this world from our ancestors, we are borrowing it from our children.

That’s a quote that resonates because it puts into perspective the importance of caring for our environment and protecting the natural resources we are so blessed to have access to.

When we take Earth’s resources for granted, we end up polluting them, permanently altering them, or worse, destroying them forever.

Water is perhaps the most precious resource on our planet. Fresh pure drinking water is sought-after in many parts of the world but it’s often taken for granted here in the United States because it’s so plentiful.

As a water bottler, Castle Rock Water knows there are certain responsibilities that must be upheld. They are responsibilities no other water company embraces because they cost a lot of money and can cut into profits. But upholding them is the right thing to do.

Some of those responsibilities include:

  • Paying a fair price back to the community that owns the springs. (No other bottled water company pays for its water.)
  • Donating a portion of revenue back to organizations that work to provide clean water to people across the globe.
  • Providing a fair wage to employees.
  • Ensuring the purest water for our customers by never altering it or adding any foreign chemicals or minerals.

On top of all of that, Castle Rock Water proudly has the IMO “For Life- Social Responsibility” certification, which we earned for treating our employees and the environment right while paying a fair price to the community that owns the springs.

 Think about this:

Castle Rock Water is the only bottled water company in the world that is fairly dealing with our natural resources. If every company that takes natural resources from the earth would pay fairly for them, our government could be paid for and we could have much lower taxes. Those are big words, but the numbers back them up.

Castle Rock Water is making a stand to show it’s possible and, as small as we are, we have already paid close to $500,000. The big four bottled water companies in the United States currently pay nothing, aside from a small fraction of the market rate to use public tap water. If they paid the same as we do, each would give 500 million dollars, for each bottling plant, to the local governments and bring taxes down substantially.

Bottling water responsibly is not easy. It’s expensive and requires extra steps, but it’s the right thing to do for the planet, our customers, and of course, our children.

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