Alkaline Water: Here’s What You Need to Know


Water is nature’s perfect beverage. It’s hydrating for our bodies, it’s calorie-free, there are no artificial chemicals or sweeteners, and it’s readily available in many forms.

There are, however, different kinds of water available in the United States. There’s municipal tap water, spring water, bottled water, and more. Even in the bottled water industry, there are many choices for consumers. Bottled water comes in plastic or glass and many bottled water brands have added flavors and other ingredients.

Most of the bottled water on the market is sourced from municipal water supplies, and sold by large corporations. We recommend avoiding such water.

There’s a new trend hitting the market that celebrities and health food makers are saying is even better for the body than regular water: Alkaline water.

What is alkaline water? Simply put, it’s water with a pH higher than 7, meaning it’s basic as opposed to acidic. Surprisingly, some the water that comes in bottles is actually acidic, which is just one more reason to avoid it.

New brands of water on the market promise a pH of up to 10 and market it as highly hydrating. Here’s the problem, though: Those waters are chemically altered to achieve their high pH. One of their secret ingredients used to obtain a high pH is a chemical called sodium bicarbonate, or to regular people like you and me, baking powder.

It is important to drink alkaline water, but it’s even more important to drink alkaline water that is pure and straight out of nature.

Castle Rock Water is alkaline water. More importantly, it’s alkaline water that’s never touched by human hands and not altered in any way. The water that comes in our bottles is exactly how it comes from the earth, naturally infused with beneficial minerals and naturally alkaline. Plus, Castle Rock Water is the only bottled water brand in the world to earn the “For Life – Social Responsibility Certified Products” certification.

The health benefits of alkaline water are real, just do your research and choose the alkaline water that’s best for your body and best for the environment.

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