What’s High Frequency Water?


This is printed on every label of Castle Rock Water. It’s not just water, it’s high frequency water.

“Castle Rock Water is a gift born from the pristine springs of Mount Shasta’s growing glacier. Revered by pilgrims, poets, and indigenous Native Americans for centuries, Mount Shasta is internationally recognized as a sacred energy vortex and draws crowds of people each year to experience the “vibrational energy” associated with this alpine area and its legendary water.

This naturally filtered spring water undergoes a winding journey lasting up to 100 years as it slowly percolates through miles of layered rock, flows through a network of lava tubes, and finally exits the mountain in energetic streams. Here it is carefully collected and bottled in environmentally friendly glass.

The result is a refreshing and revitalizing whole water of exceptional purity and taste, infused with a spectrum of naturally occurring minerals. Unlike tap-sourced battled water or static ground water which is often distilled or processed, Castle Rock Water completes a natural purification cycle. From ocean to rain, glacier to glass, it remains uncompromised- sustainable living water for your healthy lifestyle.”

That’s high frequency water.

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