How To Change the Bottled Water Industry

castle rock water

We will never speak poorly of another company or a competitor in the bottled water business. However, we can’t stop other people from doing so. 

There are some very large companies in the beverage industry and one in particular has been taking plenty of criticism for the way it siphons water from communities without adequate compensation.

One article went into detail about a new proposal to bottle water from Oregon, and asks readers to sign a petition to stop the plan. The article says,

—— is closing in on a lucrative water privatization deal that will hand it millions of gallons of some of the cleanest drinking water in drought-ravaged Oregon — permanently. And get this: —– will only pay one penny per 40 gallons of water — and then it will turn around and sell the same water back to the public for $2.63 per gallon.

—— is coyly marketing this awful plan as a way to create local jobs — but the reality is that it will only create 48.

It’s not our job to criticize how other water companies do business. What we can do is promote how we do business.

Castle Rock Water’s source is owned by the city of Dunsmuir, California. The city is paid a fair price for the use of the springs, which helps support community development and improvement. Water can’t be labeled Fair Trade, but Castle Rock believes in doing business in a way that adheres to the Fair Trade philosophy. In fact, we are the only water company in the world to have earned the “For Life – Social Responsibility Certified Products” certification.

Another article details how Castle Rock Water does business and is the socially conscious alternative to other brands.

If you’re interested in changing the way large water companies operate, signing a petition could help, but the best way to make a difference is to purchase water from a company that believes what you believe.

We know we can make a difference, but we need your help to make it happen.

What’s your favorite brand of bottled water?

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