Water’s Living Structure: Does it Matter?



Water is just water, right?

Wherever it is found, a water molecule is just one oxygen and two hydrogen atoms that are connected by covalent bonds. Water runs through rivers, fills our oceans, collects in lakes, and pours out of our taps with a simple turn of the faucet.

Water is everywhere and, for that reason, we don’t give it much of a second thought. We drink it when we’re thirsty and bathe in it when we’re dirty. Since water plays such a vital role in life, we should probably give it more attention than we do.

So many of us though, especially in the United States, simply think of water as the free stuff we drink in restaurants before our soda arrives.

This is why it might sound funny to so many Americans to say that the kind of water we drink can have a profound effect on our lives.

Most people won’t believe it. Most people will continue to believe that the water on the shelf at Walmart is the same as any other water that either comes out of a tap or is sold in a bottle.

Then there’s the growing few who know the truth. They know that the right water choice doesn’t simply hydrate, but adds vitality and transports positive energy through their bodies.

What kind of water does this?

Water with a living structure.

This doesn’t mean water that has a bunch of living things in it… it refers to the actual structure of the water.

Water that flows naturally in springs has a different “structure” than water that flows from taps or sits in storage tanks. The natural movement of water as it twists and turns and percolates and flows through the earth keeps the water “alive.”


Scientists who study the unique properties of water refer to this kind of water as “structured” water, because photographs reveal it has a molecular pattern that forms a more uniform crystalline structure than ordinary tap water. A growing community of scientists around the world have collected evidence to show that it is this very structure that allows water to carry its life-giving force – hydrogen, oxygen, minerals and other nutrients – into our cells.

Some people won’t believe this, or will write it off to marketing hype. That’s okay. The ones who choose to study for themselves and believe the facts of living water will benefit from increased energy and even longevity in life.

Next time you drink water, ask yourself some questions:

1. Do you know where your water comes from?
2. Do you know the history of the water you are drinking?
3. How and where was your water processed?
4. What would the lab reports look like?
5. What’s in your water?

Drinking water with a living structure that has been properly bottled will taste better, nourish better, and have lasting positive effects on life.

Do you believe that structured living water is different from ordinary water?

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