Can Water Be Fair Trade?


Fair Trade is defined as fair prices being paid to producers and/or growers for goods and food.

Coffee, chocolate, textiles, and more can be labeled as Fair Trade. This lets buyers know that their money is going to help benefit the people who produced the product.

Water isn’t a good. Water is a human need and basic right, so therefore is not currently able to be labeled as Fair Trade.

But that doesn’t mean the companies that bottle and sell water can’t adhere to fair trade practices. Castle Rock Water Company is the only water company in the world to hold the “For Life – Social Responsibility Certified Products” certification.

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What does that mean?

At the most basic level it means that Castle Rock Water Company coexists with its employees, nature, and its community. Castle Rock Water is part of a circle that makes it possible for the community of Dunsmuir to share its pure, living water.

Because of Castle Rock Water’s relationship with the town of Dunsmuir, a sizable amount of revenue is put back into the community.

The company has donated to many non-profit organizations such as Charity: Water, Living Water International, Walk with MADD, Unlikely Hero’s, and many more local charities.

When you purchase Castle Rock Water, you’re not contributing to a massive corporation’s bottom line. Your purchase of Castle Rock Water supports a small company’s efforts to enlighten peoples knowledge of how important it is to know what we put into our bodies. Your purchase supports local communities and provides jobs and resources to local areas.

You also happen to get the best bottled water in the world.

Do you know where the money goes when you buy other bottled water?

Castle Rock Water is honored to hold the “For Life” certification and will continue working to uphold Fair Trade standards to share the best water in the world while supporting efforts world-wide to bring clean drinking water to everyone.

Do you believe water should be labeled as Fair Trade?






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