You’re Probably Drinking Dead Water


There are three categories of bottled water companies:

Category 1. Big corporations that get their water from municipal tap sources for free, truck it to a central processing facility, then purify it and mix it with additives before bottling it. (This is most of the bottled water on store shelves.)

Category 2. Companies that bottle at the source, but don’t pay their community for the water. (There are a few out there.)

Category 3. Companies that bottle living water at the source while paying their community a fair sum for the natural resource. (Only one company in the U.S. falls into this category.)

If we had our way, the first category would fade away and the third category would become the new normal. Castle Rock Water is the only Category 3 bottled water company in the United States and pays a good price for the water. This benefits the community because the money can be used for programs to improve the area and make the lives of its residents a little better.

There’s another immediate benefit to buying Castle Rock Water too. Water from Category 1 companies is “dead.”

How can water be dead?

In some situations water is full of energy. Sometimes it is sluggish and exhausted and in some conditions it actually dies.

Charlie Ryrie, author of The Healing Energies of Water, said,

To an untrained eye dead water still looks like water. So we expect it to do the same job as healthy energetic water.

Not all water hydrates cells and supports life functions equally. Living water can easily penetrate the cells and perform its functions. Dead water, on the other hand, must be reformed and revitalized by the body before it can do its job. Doctors and researchers have determined that drinking living water improves health and longevity but drinking dead water allows cells to dehydrate.

Water dies when it’s exposed to the Category 1 process. Its living nutrients and minerals are taken away and its natural state is altered by the time it comes out of the tap. The water loses its vitality and its life-giving force.

Category 3 water is living water.

Castle Rock Water lives and flows through Mt. Shasta, picking up vital minerals along the way. The water flows naturally through streams and is in a constant state of movement. It’s carefully bottled at the source and flows into each glass bottle unaltered. There is no extra purification process, no reverse osmosis, and no minerals added.

When you drink Castle Rock Water, you are consuming live water that can rehydrate your cells and properly support life functions like no other water can.

We hope that one day all bottled water will fall into Category 3. For now, though, it’s just us. It’s not the easiest way to do business, but is the right way.

Will you join us?

2 thoughts on “You’re Probably Drinking Dead Water”

  1. I’ve been trying to get the point across for years that purified water is not only dead but deadly. It made me sick. I figured it out. Death in a plastic bottle. Evil companies that sell it are murderers. I used to live in Dunsmuir, CA. And MT. SHASTA, CA. Best water on the planet. Wow to those killing with purified water. I love good mountain spring water.

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