Nine Reasons Why Castle Rock Water is Better for You and Better for the Planet

Shasta sunlight

If you haven’t tasted Castle Rock Water, you haven’t tasted water.

Water from the tap masks the taste of real water. Chemicals, either added artificially or leeched from the pipes, alter the taste of water. You might taste chlorine or salt or any number of other treatments added to the water.

Take a close look at many bottled water brands and you’re likely to see the words, “Minerals added for taste.”

Companies wouldn’t do that if their water was pure and natural from the start.

As we head into the holiday season and people prepare for gatherings with friends and family, here are 9 reasons why Castle Rock Water is the better choice for you and the people you love.

1. The Source of our Water

Our water is sourced from Mount Shasta, one of the continent’s highest peaks at 14,162 feet. It’s also been called one of the “highest-energy” places on the planet and is revered for its spiritual qualities.

2. Natural Filtration

The water takes at least 100 years to naturally filer through Mt. Shasta’s layers of granite, gem infused rock, gold, and green jade. It flows through old lava tubes and exits the mountain in pure energetic streams.

3. No Artificial Nutrients

Our water contains naturally occurring minerals and trace elements, no added artificial nutrients.

4. Never Touched

From glacier to glass, our water goes completely untouched by human hands to ensure a premium quality product.

5. Alkaline Water

Our water has a clean, crisp and refreshing taste. It’s naturally alkaline spring water.

6. Naturally Structured

Our water, unlike our competitors, contains naturally structured living water, the way nature intended it to be.

7. Eco-Friendly Containers

We use 55 percent recycled glass bottles to protect the environment and ensure the best quality and taste.

8. Guaranteed Quality and Social Responsibility

We are FDA, California Spring Water, Kosher, and Fair for Life certified and approved.

9. Humanitarians at Work

Lastly, we pay a fair price for our water and give back to support our local community.


Castle Rock Water was named the best tasting water in the world at the 2014 Berkeley Springs International Water Tasting Competition. Why? Because it tastes the way water should.

There’s are no other bottled water companies in the U.S. that can make these claims, and we are proud to make Castle Rock Water available to you. We hope you enjoy!

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