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It’s an ironic truth that most bottled water companies do not take action to protect the environment in which they operate.

Unfortunately, nor do they give back to their local communities or pay for the water that they extract from the earth.

One of the largest bottled water companies, in fact, has caused controversy by pumping hundreds of millions of gallons of water out of California with a permit that expired about 30 years ago. That issue has resulted in lawsuits and boycotts of the company’s water products.

Situations like this are why people want change in the bottled water industry.

There are currently no laws saying that any company is required to pay for water that it extracts. Even so, Castle Rock Water, a small family owned business, has chosen to pioneer new ways of bottling water. That’s why our company pays a fair price to its community for the water it uses.

Companies like ours typically sell products with a Fair Trade label, which assures consumers that fair prices were paid to producers and/or growers of goods and food.

Coffee, chocolate, textiles, and more can be labeled as Fair Trade. Water, though, isn’t a good. Water is a human need and basic right, so therefore is not currently able to be labeled as Fair Trade.

But that doesn’t mean the companies that bottle and sell water can’t adhere to fair trade practices. Castle Rock Water is the only water company in the world to hold the “For Life – Social Responsibility Certified Products” certification.

No large bottled water corporations currently hold that certification.

When you purchase Castle Rock Water, you’re not contributing to a massive corporation’s bottom line. Your purchase supports a small company’s efforts to enlighten people’s knowledge of how important it is to know what we put into our bodies. Your purchase supports local communities and provides jobs and resources to local areas.

You also happen to get the best bottled water in the world, bottled in re-usable and recyclable glass bottles.

Castle Rock Water can be purchased at natural grocery stores in Southern California and online at Amazon. If you’d like to buy Castle Rock Water in your local area, please ask your favorite grocery store to bring it in for you.

Thank you for being part of our bottled water revolution!

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  1. I like the idea of a company giving back to their community, no matter what company it is. For a bottled water company like this, it only makes sense that the community could receive payment for the water taken from their ground. I am always looking for new bottled water brands to try, so I’ll have to check yours out on Amazon. Thanks!

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