Analyzing the World’s Best Bottled Water


There are more than 500 bottled water companies in Germany. In the United States, just four companies dominate more than 98 percent of bottled water sales.

Quality drinking water is a big deal across the Atlantic. People there expect bottled water to taste great. Here in the U.S. people will drink anything in a bottle that has a pretty label.

Germans know what makes good drinking water, and their analysis of water can be more rigorous than it is here. That’s why we had Castle Rock Water analyzed in Germany, where it was classified as an “Excellent” drinking water.

Here is a link to the report:

Castle Rock Water analysis

It’s in German so here’s our founder, Thomas Greither, talking about the report:

If you want to experience a truly great water that has been called the best-tasting water in the world, you need to try Castle Rock Water. Unlike a lot of water, there are no heavy metals in it, no lead, no pollutants, no detergents, no phosphates, and no fertilizer chemicals. What it does have are plenty of beneficial minerals, all naturally infused by nature.

We hope you’ll try it!

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