Yes, we’re Environmentally Friendly

Our Responsibility

Nearly 900 million people around the world are without access to clean drinking water and Castle Rock Water Company is privileged to offer support to what has become a global water crisis. Through the donation of relief funds to such organizations as Charity: Water and Living Water International, we extend a helping hand in improving the lives of needy children and families with the benefits provided from trusted charitable water organizations.

Our Initiative

The Castle Rock Water Company donates a portion of all sales to support the local city and community of Dunsmuir, CA. The growth of the company will also ensure the creation of much needed new job opportunities. Historically, the pure springs and its revitalizing water has been a lifeline to the people of Dunsmuir.

Our Vision

We are constantly evaluating the different innovations that are being launched on the market. We are evaluating them to ensure that the technology we adopt is not simply “greenwashing” and will truly be the one that leaves the smallest environmental footprint. Our long-term vision is that we will one day develop a packaging with a zero carbon footprint. Lastly, we hope to make it possible that our bottle leaves a positive impact on the environment!



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