Bottled Water Will Finally Outsell Soda

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This is the year it’ll finally happen. Bottled water will sell in higher volumes than sugary, chemical-laden soda for the first time ever.

Are Americans finally becoming smarter about what they put into their bodies? Partly. The rising sales of bottled water can also be attributed to our country’s decaying pipe infrastructure.

Lead contamination in Flint, Michigan, Washington, D.C., Newark, New Jersey, and more, has focused attention on America’s decaying pipes. At least $384 billion of improvements are needed to maintain and replace essential parts of the country’s water infrastructure through 2030, according to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.

At our current rate of investment, we should be all caught up with replacing our water pipes by 2290, according to The Waterkeeper Aliance. That means we can fully trust our country’s tap water delivery system in just 274 short years.

That’s part of the reason why Americans will each drink 27.4 gallons of bottled water this year, 1.2 gallons more than soda. People also love that water is calorie-free and as convenient of a can of soda. 

Remember, though, that not all bottled water is equal. Most of the large soda companies, which also own water companies, use tap water. Be sure to look for bottled water that comes from pure mountain springs. Even better, drink bottled water that has a pure living structure, is naturally alkaline, and contains the natural minerals your body needs to maintain proper hydration. 

Simply put, when you’re looking for bottled water, look for Castle Rock Water.